Pride Gallery Wall

The Pride Wall 2019

As a celebration of LGBTQ+ Pride, we crowdsourced almost 60 pieces for this gallery wall to highlight personal stories that are driven by love, compassion, and a fight for equality. From a sweatshirt worn on the tour of the AIDS Memorial Quilt to first Pride parades and wedding photos, these are the individual experiences that, when shared, create a community.

Gay Pride San Diego

Thomas Carey
Gay Pride, San Diego, 1978

We Are Everywhere

“Everybody was who they were meant to be at that moment. Seeing it on display was really life-changing for me”

Chrissy B.
Miss Camp America

Miss Camp America,
Houston, 1975

Gene Evans, We Are Everywhere
DC Pride Parade

“This was our first DC Pride parade eight years ago. We’re now married and still going to the same spot each year to celebrate!”

Lauren Kraemer
Postage Stamp

Harvey Milk postage stamp first issued in May 2014

Dave Norton
AIDS Memorial Quilt

NAMES Project AIDS Memorial Quilt, Washington DC, 1996

Alan Zingale
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“Two dresses make for prettier pictures. I’m sorry, they just do.”

Jen S.

Flag from the March on Washington, 1993

John Rand
Wedding Couple

Wedding Day

Nonnie Mullin and her wife, Amelia
Paper Portrait

A portrait of Ruth Bader Ginsburg done in torn paper

Annabelle Wylie
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“It felt like everyone was gaining a friend that day. We were able to celebrate the joy of being together.”

Felipe E.
Girl with Sign

Christopher Street Liberation Day, New York City, 1981

We Are Everywhere
Pride Parade Couple

“It was one of the best weekends of my life—getting to see him smile and celebrate so purely.”

Mitchell Amoros
Shark Costume

Shark costume at Cincinnati Pride with sister, Libby

Jen Sturges
Rainbow Ice Cream

Sparkly rainbow ice cream birthday card

Mike Scott
Wedding Party

Wedding Party

Christine Parker
New Yorker Cover

New Yorker cover,
July 8/15, 2013

Matthew Coyne
Protest Power and Pride

We Are Everywhere: Protest, Power, and Pride in the History of Queer Liberation

Matthew Riemer & Leighton Brown
Ten Speed Press

“I went to Pride and I picked up a flag and it was the first time I felt truly accepted. It was the first time I could say the words ‘I am gay.’ And it was ok.”

Erin K.
Washington Post Front Page

Washington Post front page,
June 27, 2015

Chrissy Bowdren
Washington Post Front Page

Wedding ceremony outside The Stonewall Inn, October 2017

Francesco De Marco and Jean-Michel Tejeda Cardenas
Pride Memorabilia

Pride Memorabilia

“It’s been a transition for me the past 10 years being able to come out and I don’t want anyone else to take 10 years to be able to do that.”

Erin Kaufman
Drag Queen

Iconic drag queen Marsha P. Johnson, New York City, May 1992

Randy Wicker,
We Are Everywhere
License Plate

ROYGBIV license plate from a bright blue Subaru Forester

Patty Arehart
Couple on Mountain

On top of Table Mountain, South Africa, January 2018

Frank Kong and Colin Knapp

“She said she liked beer on her dating profile, but it turns out it was mostly just ciders.”

Haley O.

A selection of pins from decades of LGBTQ advocacy work

Shawn Lagrega
Child watching parade

Louis at Chicago Pride 2017, his first parade ever

Alexis Maloof

Universal Love, album featuring songs that have been changed to have same-sex pronouns

Noelle Fernandez


Gabrielle Carolina
Whataburger Photo

“A rainbow behind a Whataburger sign—gay Texas, baby!!!!”

Katherine Haizlip

Wristbands from a taping of Will & Grace

“Will & Grace was the very first example I saw of someone being gay and successful and a mainstream show normalizing a gay charater.”

Cameron Shepherd
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Engagement Photo

Engagement Photo

Haley O’Phelan

A sweatshirt taken on three tours of the NAMES Project AIDS Memorial Quilt

Alan Zingale
Kids at Parade

Pride in Madison, WI

Shannon Lubecke

“We are owning this. This is who we are. This is how we represent ourselves. This is how we fight for our rights.”

Gil M.
Letterpress Poster

Original letterpress art printed for Pride, signed by artist Amos Paul Kennedy, Jr.

Matthew Coyne

Flag in front of the Supreme Court, June 26, 2015, following decision in the marriage equality case Obergefell v. Hodges.

Victoria Pickering
Framed Note

“On the day of the United States v. Windsor ruling (6/26/13), my then-boyfriend (now-husband) came over and we drank champagne under the stars to celebrate. I ’d written a note about how proud and happy I was to be with him at that moment, and attached it to the champagne bottle. I recently found out that he’d kept it all these years.”

Patrick McGettigan

Matt Aument’s overalls at a gathering of friends in New York City

Adam Salberg
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Framed Letter

A show of love and support after her grandson came out

Steve Snyder
Man and Son

Ben Birdwell and his dad, David, in Phoenix

“We both had changed. We’d both grown. We’d both become more full of grace.”

Ben Birdwell
Couple at Parade

Christopher Street West, Los Angeles, June 29, 1975

We Are Everywhere

“Oh honey, I had a great time.”

Unattributed, from the names project AIDS memorial quilt
Framed Cross-stitch

Cross-stitch from
Great Uncle Billy

Katherine Haizlip