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Photos Dad Will Love for Father’s Day

by Framebridge Editorial
March 31, 2021
5 min read

Dad, Pops, Poppa. Whatever you call him, he’ll appreciate a custom framed gift for Father’s Day. We’ve rounded up some photos of Framebridge’s favorite Dads and put them in our Quick Ship gifts, frames that come in a gift box and ship the next day. These are the kinds of photos Dads love. Pick your photo, pick a frame, get Dad a gift he will talk about. A lot.

Dad At Home Photos

The Piccolo in Natural Oak

Dad name: Jep

Best Dad quality: He’s Drone Dad! He wants to be everywhere and in everything involving his son!

Number of naps per year (estimate): He NEVER takes naps.

Answers by Nichole.

Graduation Photos

The Mezzo in Gray Stained Oak

Dad name: Steve (Big Steve, affectionately)

Favorite expression: “Use your head for more than a hat rest.”

Best story about being on time: Punctuality was among the top life lessons taught in our household growing up. We were always 3 hours early at the airport. A watch as a college graduation gift was the culmination of 22 years of “if you're not early, you're late” lessons.

Answers by Robyn.

Vintage Photos

The Vintage Gift with Personalized Brass Plate in American Walnut

Dad name: Richard (seen here in Rochester in the 1950’s)

Which one is he? Little guy in the front (don’t let that fool you, I am sure he was the boss at the time!).

What kind of brother was he: He ingrained in us that blood is thicker than water, you take care of your siblings. This speaks to what kind of brother he is, you can depend on him for anything, anytime.

Answers by Kerry.

Wedding Photos

The Piccolo in Gray Stained Oak

Dad name: Jeff

Best memory of Dad from this day: For years, my brother and I had been poking fun at our dad’s awful, outdated and extremely boxy 90s suits. Prior to my brother’s wedding, we convinced him to buy a new suit and the results were transformative! The man looked like a million bucks.

His best wedding dance move: Jeff is a BIG sprinkler guy.

Answers by Trevor.

Dad With the Baby Photos

The Mezzo in Natural Oak

Dad name: Andrew

How many days he’s been a Dad: In the photo, for 11 days. Now, 6 months (which is approximately 180 days!).

How he’ll celebrate his first Father’s Day: Some combination of good food + tasty beers, backyard darts, a trip to the driving range, and maybe letting him sleep in our basement for an uninterrupted prince-like slumber.

Answers by Julia.

Birthday Photos

The Vintage Gift with Personalized Brass Plate in Indigo Walnut

Dad name: Erv

Best advice: Stay in contact with people — life has a funny way of intertwining your past.

Best birthday memory: I have a very vivid memory where my Dad took me out to dinner, just the two of us, for a little father-daughter dinner date at a Sizzler (don’t see those around anymore) for my 5th birthday. It was so special because he was rarely home on my actual birthday because of his work schedule. I was over-the-moon excited! 

Answers by Nicole.

Dad Being a Cheerleader Photos

The Mezzo in Black Stained Oak

Name of Dads: Fred and Francisco (Fred is a Dad, and Francisco is Fred’s Dad!)

How they’re alike: They are the funniest men I have ever been around, they are both compassionate, hilarious and stubborn as ever! They both yell at the TV when their team is losing, they both swear they aren’t totally old, and they both have the same exact contagious smile!

Best cheerleader moment: My college graduation was in Radio City Music Hall, a classy and sophisticated ambiance. For most graduates, families clapped politely. When my name was called, my brother and dad decided to yell like the place was on fire, my brother even shouting "Damn, she’s so hot!" The best, funniest and most embarrassing moment ever.

Answers by Donnelly.

Vacation Photos

The Vintage Gift with Personalized Brass Plate in American Ash Wood

Name of Dad: Richard

Best vacation quirk: My dad is fascinated by churches, and when we’re traveling, will make us stop into just about every single church we pass. I think I’ve been to more churches in Italy alone than the pope at this point (also worth noting — we're Jewish!).

Number of times he took the kids to the bathroom that day: Probably about the same amount of times he took us for gelato that day (many!!!).

Answers by Lara.

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