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An ideal Mother’s Day with Lauren Liess

by Framebridge Editorial
April 15, 2024
5 min read

We’ve partnered with the celebrated interior designer on one of her beautiful floral patterns to bring your Mother’s Day gifts to life this year.  

“Homegrown food, good music, fresh flowers.” These three things sum up interior designer Lauren Liess’s approach to living. Adored for the barefoot, back-to-nature essence of her design aesthetic, Lauren is perhaps best known for the HGTV show “Best House on the Block,” which she hosted with her husband, business partner, and renovation expert David. But don’t let the calm, swoony palette that runs through her designs fool you. Lauren also runs a textile house, a retail shop, a lifestyle brand, among other pursuits (!), and wait for it, she’s a mom to five kids.

How do you spend Mother’s Day? 

“So a day before we will go to the garden center and load up my entire van with as many plants as we can fit. I have three boys and two girls and on Mother’s Day I’m like, “you guys, it’s time to dig!” I’m very happy around flowers, as you can tell, I’m obsessed. We also go to church and celebrate with my whole family. My grandmother and mother both live nearby so we have everyone over.”

What is your approach when designing for your own kids?

“I think about what my kids’ memories will be and spend a lot of time picking wallpaper or prints. I actually lived with my grandparents growing up and remember loving their home. They traveled a lot so had things from all over the world in patterns that stuck in my mind. When you’re a kid, you’re really observing your environment and staring at things longer.” 

How do you bring nature into your work? 

“I love fabrics. I cannot get enough of vintage patterns and botanicals. Fabrics soften a space and it’s a really great opportunity to add something meaningful. People often buy textiles to reference the flowers or plants they have a connection to in a specific print. Those details make a home soulful and unique.”

Could you tell us more about Magnolia, the pattern we partnered with you on?

“It’s been in my collection for a very long time. When I started designing textiles, they were intended to be a celebration of weeds and wildflowers. I commissioned my friend, Kathryn Wright, to paint an oil of magnolia blooms and it became one of our original patterns. I love that it has a laid-back, vintage garden vibe.”

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