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A Perfect Match

by Framebridge Editorial
January 05, 2021
2 min read

Elizabeth has a habit of picking up matchbooks from restaurants and bars she loves. 

Her habit gained a co-conspirator when she met Joe. It was clear they’d be a good match on their first date over margaritas at a favorite local bar in Back Bay. A lot of the matchboxes are from their favorite bars and restaurants in Boston. They elicit nostalgia for the days they started seeing each other, the walks after dates by the Charles River, spilling out into the Common after dinner. 

Then she moved to New York for work, and they dated long distance until he could get himself there too. Their habit expanded to the Big Apple, so there’s a matchbox from Carbone, an “incredible” Italian restaurant in Greenwich Village. A popping yellow matchbox with a woman named “Edna” on the front, from Honeywell, a bar in Harlem that they love that has “excellent cocktails and a cozy, laid back vibe.” 

There’s even one from a speakeasy they stumbled into in Rome last year. When they moved in together in their first apartment, it was time to do something with all of them. So they framed them, all of them, coordinated by color. Now, they love having such personalized, sentimental art in their home (not to mention colorful and unexpected). Not only is it a conversation starter, it reminds them of each other and the life they share. Also, of course, all the “good food and good drinks.”

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