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5 tips for taking frame-worthy photos on your iPhone

by Framebridge Editorial
November 22, 2023
4 min read

When friends and family gather, there’s no better time to break out your phone and start documenting that precious time spent. Whether you're the unofficial family photographer, or the type whose snapshots leave something to be desired, these tips will set you up for success for your next celebration or gathering.

1. Take advantage of light

The number one trick to the best-looking photo? Use  the natural light available to you. Ideally, this means going outside. Avoid harsh sunlight; early mornings or spots in the shade are best. Of course, if the weather outside isn't cooperating, inside works too. No matter how little light might be streaming from a window, work with it! Place yourself (the photographer) and your subject, or subjects, in a triangle shape with the window. Be sure to turn off lamps nearby for the softest look.

2. Play with positioning

Although it feels logical to snap a photograph head on and centered (with your subject looking straight at you), consider playing with your positioning behind the lens and the position of your subjects. Getting creative with placement can lead to more interesting shots that recall the look of fine art photography.

3. Keep it candid

Sometimes, nothing feels more stiff or unoriginal than posed family photos. While it’s always lovely to have one of those hanging on a wall, the photos that evoke the best memories, or make you feel something inside, are often the ones captured in the moment. Keep your phone close when friends and family are visiting so you can also document the everyday. Mid-bite, mid-conversation or mid-eye rub are all fair game.

4. Straighten your lines

Whether you're posting to Instagram, taking a photo you plan to frame, or quickly clicking before the moment is gone, choose the most prominent line (horizontal or vertical) in your photo and straighten it. This simple trick provides symmetry for a clean and professional-looking photograph. Try aligning your phone to the edge of a wall to check that you’re straight. Photo editing apps can also help here (see tip 5).

5. Use photo-editing tools 

While iPhones, or other camera phones, take fantastic photos on their own, it never hurts to touch them up using the simple editing apps available on mobile devices. Or, if you’re ready to frame that snap, Framebridge.com has easy ways to brighten and crop your digital photo so that it becomes its best self. You can even transform your frame worthy pic into black and white. After all, the true secret to turning almost any undesirable photo into a desirable one is a black-and-white filter.

And remember, selfies need help too! If you want to aim for perfection, most of these tips will work just as well when you turn the lens back on you.

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