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How to Mail in Your Art to Framebridge

by Framebridge Editorial
September 19, 2018
5 min read
Shipping art to Framebridge

At Framebridge, we can print and frame your photos and digital art in one easy step, but we also frame tons of original art, analog photos, and items that customers send to us. Putting your beloved art, mementos, and photos in the mail can be scary. We get it—and we’ve created a system that protects your art and only takes a couple minutes. 

1. Place your mail-in order

Choose what you want to frame from the framing flow and upload a digital photo of your physical piece to preview it in our frames. During checkout, you can choose to use your own packaging or we’ll send you secure, pre-paid shipping materials that match your art type. If you choose to use your own packaging, we’ll give you a free shipping label to print at home. If you choose our packaging, we’ll send you everything you need — tape, a shipping label, a sheet to leave notes for your designer, and either a tube or a flat mailer. 

2. Package Your Art 

Open your tube or flat mailer and use the provided sleeve to protect your art. This prevents any damage to your art and keeps it wrinkle free. Use the enclosed tape to secure your package, and add your shipping label. And don't worry, we'll also include step by step directions with your packaging. 

How to Use a Flat Mailer

How to Use a Tube

3. Drop off your package. 

You can drop off your package at any UPS location. We’ll track your package and provide you with updates when we receive your art in our Kentucky factory. From there, we'll beautifully custom frame your art and ship it back to you ready to hang. 

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