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Get Great Shots Every Time: Tips for Family Portraits

by Framebridge Editorial
October 18, 2022
4 min read
Get Great Shots Every Time: Tips for Family Portraits

Professional family photo sessions are an investment, so it’s normal to worry about what to wear, coaxing the kiddos to sit still, or keeping the dog calm. 

Below, award-winning family photographer and mom of three Jessica Caso offers her best tips for ensuring your session is (mostly) stress-free and yields some frame-worthy family moments. 

1: Smile!

I can’t tell you how many great shots are ruined because we finally got the kids to smile, only to have the parents talking or looking miserable. Even if your kid is crying, YOU keep smiling. It only takes one second to get a great shot, so always be ready!

2: Pack Light

Keep your “go bag” minimal! Candid shots will look better if you aren’t weighed down like a pack mule. And don’t give your child anything you don’t want in the final photos (e.g., lollipops or neon sippy cups). Treats are best served post-session.

3: Secret Weapons

Consider bringing a blanket to sit on (it’ll be in photos, so make sure you like the print!). If you are including your pup, don’t forget the treats! Tissues and baby wipes are great, too (boogers are a pain to edit out of every photo).

4: Play!

Swing your kids, spin them, toss them in the air, give them tickles and kisses and cuddles. Be silly! This is how all the best shots happen. Don’t worry, we’ll get the traditional poses, too.

5: Relax

If we’re at your home for the session, put on some music (or even have a drink beforehand)—anything you can do to feel comfortable helps.

6: Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff

I’ll edit out that baby acne and keep an eye on any flyaway hairs (photoshop exists for a reason!).

7: Get Cozy

Snuggle up, hold hands, kiss. You might feel silly at the moment, but you’ll love the results later.

8: Strategic Tidying

Focus your pre-session cleaning on a few key spots: bedside tables and rooms with the best natural light. We can move anything else distracting during the session.

Now go get those photos taken–and have fun. We can’t wait to frame your favorite shots!