Meet the Artist: Clare Elsaesser

Image via Clare Elsaesser

Clare Elsaesser is a talented painter known for her moody portraits on women enmeshed in natural elements.

Clare’s work is available for purchase on Etsy. We love framing her originals and art prints, and we talk about Clare’s work to everyone we know. (Seriously.) If you aren’t already familiar with her work, get ready for your new favorite art obsession.

painting of a woman wringing her hair in the sea"Married to the Sea" by Clare Elsaesser

Name: Clare Elsaesser

Medium: paint

Location: Inverness, CA


Instagram Handle: @clareelsaesser

Why do you create art? To make a living, and to satisfy my urge to illustrate certain feelings.

Where do you find inspiration? In nature, and the sense of nostalgia which comes about from things like old stories and family photos.

Image via @lindseyfrankdesign featuring "November" by Clare Elsaesser in our Georgetown frame

How did you come to this career path? I studied art in school, and found an outlet for it when I began selling online in 2009.

How does Framebridge play a role in your business? Framebridge meshes really well with my art business by making affordable and beautiful framing so accessible. The ease of the framing process offers incentive to customers, who would have been deterred by the previously daunting task of finding a nice frame. This is very true for me as I am frequently an art buying customer myself, which makes me appreciate the value Framebridge adds to my business all the more.

Image via @mamasweeny with "Married to the Sea" by Clare Elsaesser in our Richmond frame

What were some of the challenges along the way? Growing as a business and growing as a painter are often two disparate endeavors. I am always searching for ways to make these paths merge harmoniously.

What is the most rewarding part of working as an artist? Being able to make up my own rules.

What advice do you have for young or amateur artists? If you can afford to, spend time developing your work before trying to market it. I definitely didn't do this.

We rounded up some of our favorites of Clare's work below. 

Shop Clare's Work


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