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How to Hang a Gallery Wall

First and foremost—don’t stress! Remember when hanging a gallery wall that it doesn’t have to be perfect. Small variations can foster a natural, relaxed vibe. But that doesn’t mean you can’t achieve a gallery that feels like an extension of you personality and style.


How to Hang a Gallery Wall


A few tips before you get started



  • Grab a hammer, the hanging hardware that came with your Framebridge frame, and a pencil.
  • Think about your gallery as one single piece of art - whether your arrangement is wide, narrow, big, or small, your wall frame design should be cohesive.
  • You’ll want to keep your frames 2-3 inches apart and the spacing consistent between each frame.
  • Take a step back from time to time as you work. It will help you maintain a sense of perspective. 


Gallery Wall, How to Hang a Gallery Wall



How low can you go


This question is one of the most contested in home design! Here’s our take. If your gallery wall will hang above a piece of furniture, plan for the bottom of your lowest frame to hang 5-8 inches above the top of your furniture. If your gallery wall is hanging on an empty wall, aim for the center of your whole arrangement to hang about 57 inches above the floor.


 How to Hang a Gallery Wall


Step 1



You’ve gotten your gallery wall ideas together and learned how to frame your Instagram photos, art prints, prints and polaroids. You worked with a gallery wall designer or braved it on your own. Now comes the fun part! Start by holding your lowest piece of art against the wall to find the perfect spot. Estimate and mark the correct nail/hook placement for your piece, and then hammer the nail so the hook is where you want the wire or hanging hardware. Depending on the size, your piece will either have a sawtooth hanger, a hanging wire, or corner brackets. More on how to hang specifically for your hardware over here.



How to Hang a Gallery Wall 


Step 2


Repeat the hanging process with the frames to the left and right of the first, then with those above. Try to keep all frames 2-3 inches apart from one another so placement looks purposeful. Keep this rule in mind whether you’re hanging a small Instagram Mini or an oversized canvas piece.



How to Hang a Gallery Wall


Step 3


Wait until you’ve hung all the frames in your arrangement. Take a step back, then straighten and level each frame. Use a few pieces of sticky tack on the back of the frames to guarantee they stay put. (Hanging a picture frame is always easier with a bit of sticky tack.)



How to Hang a Gallery Wall 


That's it! You're ready to enjoy and share your beautiful new gallery wall. The best part? Gallery walls are made for growing. If you find more pieces you'd like to incorporate, just build your wall out and up from your original arrangement.

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