How To Frame a Jersey

Jerseys are one of the most popular items to frame. The first step in framing a jersey is to fold it into a neat shape (roughly 32"x32") to fit into a mat. Then, gently sew the jersey into the mat in order to keep it stationary and looking great for a long time. After it's secured on the mat, encase the moulding around the mat and it's a hall-of-fame-worthy framed jersey.

Whether you want to remember your winning team or honor your favorite pro, we'll frame it for just $250. Every jersey, every time. We’ll steam-press the jersey, sew it in place on the mat, and handle all legs of shipping. And once your jersey gets to our factory, it will be back at your door in about 14 business days. That’s fast for all that stealing home fast.

How to Frame a Football Jersey

The most iconic look for framing football jerseys is with the back showing, and sleeves hanging loose. Its crisp look will always honor the year you won state, the day your kid scored the game-winning touchdown or your favorite hometown QB. Great for all teams—from the Carolina Panthers to the Dillon Panthers. Pro bowler and Super-Bowl Champion Linebacker K.J. Wright thinks so too.

Down, set, hike!

red football jersey in wood frame
A football jersey in our Marin wood frame.

How to Frame a Baseball Jersey

We frame our baseball jerseys with the front showing and the sleeves folder over the top, to capture any iconic pinstripes, championship patches, or a little bit of that home plate dirt. This classic look will honor your after-work curveball, the time Tim stole home, or Barry Bond’s 77. Whether you’re a New York Yankee or a Richmond Flying Squirrel, this is the frame for you.

white baseball jersey in black frame

A baseball jersey in our Mercer Slim black frame.

How to Frame a Basketball Jersey

Framed flat with the back showing, we capture the name and number that topped the score sheet night after night. This neat, folded look will commemorate any hoop dreams. Whether you played under the lights of the Staples Center or at the public rec center, we’ve got your back.

yellow basketball jersey in black frame

A basketball jersey in our Mercer Slim black frame.

How to Frame a Soccer Jersey

We frame soccer jerseys with the back showing, and the sleeves folded forward. This classic look works for the games followed by EuroCup parades, to the ones finished with orange slices and ice cream sandwiches. Talk about a set piece.

green soccer jersey in wood frame

A soccer jersey in our Sonoma wood frame.

How to Frame a Hockey Jersey

Framed with the back showing and the long sleeves folded along the sides, we showcase all that power play hustle.

Whether you spent most of your career in the penalty box or watching with a pizza box, this framed jersey is a slapshot to the back of the net. What’s that sound? Oh, just the red siren.

blue and white hockey jersey in white frame
A hockey jersey in our Irvine Slim white frame. 

Want Your Jersey Facing the Other Way?

Ump’s call: safe! Just ask and we’ll make style it whatever way you’d like.

Don’t See Your Sport?

Maybe you were a lacrosse face-off guru. The best volleyball setter in the county. All conference field hockey—all four years. A scratch golfer. A triple jump medalist (we can frame your bib too).

Maybe you bowled a 300 once. Or just really love your after-work Bocce league. Whatever the sport, whatever the jersey — let us know and we can frame it.

To browse more jersey framing options, look here. Ready to knock it out of the park?

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