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How To: Frame a Flag

48 Star American flag float mounted in Providence

Flags are good for more than just flagpoles, ya know. They're art all on their own. Framing one that's special to you is a great way to respectfully and professionally display it in your space, as well as showcase your personality and pride over what it means to you. Read on for our top flag framing suggestions. 

American flag in Irvine Slim | Via Lemon Stripes


Decommissioning pennant float mounted in Mercer Slim


Tennessee flag float mounted in Cairo | Via Nashville Food Fan

For New Flags: We suggest float mounting on a white mat board with our Mercer Slim or Irvine Slim gallery frames. The slim, clean profile of these mouldings will beautifully complement the sharp, bright colors of the fabric. 

For Vintage Flags: We suggest float mounting on an off white mat board in our Providence frame. Oftentimes vintage pieces show signs of...well...age. And with age comes a little yellowing. The green and yellow tones in an off white mat will showcase the natural beauty of the aging process. 

Can't decide which moulding looks best? Select Designer's Choice, and we'll send you our recommendations.

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