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Gallery walls. The best way to make a big statement in your home. We all know about the ooh's and ahhh's they inspire. But how do we hang them?

What if there was just a an easy gallery wall template that told us what to do? Lucky for you—there is. The answer: a life-size Framebridge hanging guide, that comes with all of our gallery walls. It makes the whole process of hanging a gallery wall so much easier. Just tape the hanging guide to the wall in your desired spot, hammer in the nails where the x's tell you to, rip the hanging guide away, then hang the frames!

It might be a little easier to show you. So check out some of our most popular gallery walls and the life-size, easy-to-use hanging guides that make having them in your home possible.

How to Use A Framebridge Hanging Guide

Step 1: Tape up your hanging guide.

Use painter's tape to tape the hanging guide to your wall. The outline of the frames will show where they will hang. In this step, be deliberate about where exactly you want your frames. You can hold them up against the outline to see for yourself!

Step 2: Nail in your nails.

Each Framebridge gallery wall comes with the proper hanging hardware included. So no digging through the toolbox for nails! There are small x's on the hanging guide where your nails should go. See below for how the nails are put in for the Triptych gallery wall—one of our most popular.

nailing in framebridge hanging guide

Step 3: Tear away the Framebridge hanging guide.

The nails will stay right where they are!

woman ripping down framebridge hanging guide

Step 4: Hang your frames!

The nails are good to go and you're good to hang your frames.

woman hanging triptych gallery wall

It may take a little tweaking, adjusting and extra love to get all your frames lined up the way you want (hint: levels are your friend). But the final result will be gorgeous.

triptych gallery wall above bed

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More Framebridge Hanging Guide Inspiration

The Staggered Grid

hanging guide for staggered grid gallery wall
man with hammer in front of gallery wall

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Custom gallery walls.

Want to make some changes to the gallery walls we offer or do something completely custom (like this or this or this)? Try our gallery wall consultation service—where expert designers help create a wall for your space. Since each custom design service creates a unique gallery wall, this service does not include a life-size hanging guide, but does include step-by-step hanging instructions that will give you the total confidence to hang your gallery wall.

Gallery Wall Videos

More of a visual learner? No problem. We've got Framebridge gallery wall hanging guide videos that have your back—the best gallery wall template imaginable.

There's only one step left.

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