American Hardwoods

Solid hardwood mouldings—grown, dried, and milled in America. Handcrafted for you in Kentucky.

New! American Hardwoods

Introducing White Oak and Hickory

Discover hardwoods grown, dried, and milled for you in the USA.


Deep tones with plentiful variation enhanced by natural matte wax finishes of brown, blue, or black.


Ash wood with blonde-colored and gray undertones that create a great pairing with cool-toned pink and blue art and photos.


Cherry wood offering rich tones from light red to blonde with a sweeping grain brought out by a matte wax finish—perfect for art with a little green.


Maple wood with a smooth finish in a pale wood stain makes for a great pairing with brightly colored art and objects.


Hickory wood whose warm brown is like a caramel swirl with gentle lines and a rustic charm.

White Oak

White oak wood whose natural, muted wood tone compliments design styles from contemporary to the modern farmhouse with its minimalistic look.

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