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1979 Gay Pride parade

Lesbians of Color contingent, Christopher Street West, West Hollywood, July 1, 1979. Photographer unknown. From the authors’ collection.

We Are Everywhere by Matthew Riemer & Leighton Brown

Bulldog in front of pride flag in a red frame

Effe Strikes a Pose

Jackie Blake Jensen

Vintage photograph of woman and man in car smiling

“Lisa showed me that the only truth I needed to live was my own.”

Thomas Howard

Couple touching pregnant stomach

“Carrying a baby as a trans man was a once in a lifetime experience. On December 8th, 2019 we welcomed our baby girl Sy into the world.”

Max Kristula-Green

Boy in Superman costume holding pride sign in a black frame

“Love is love.”

Sherri Z.

Wedding in front of pool in a gold frame

“Thankful to my brother becoming the officiant and for his FaceTime sessions instructing us how to arrange our flowers.”

Garrett Brewer-Sweet

Pride is not something we do just during a parade or festival, a weekend, or a month. Pride is how you live out your life every day. Pride means to not only live out your authentic self, but to help make it possible for everyone else to do so as well.


Chrissy Bowdren

Chrissy, Nicole and Avery

Chrissy Bowdren

Scott & Ed

Academic Approach

Scott & Ed

Million Man March Man with Sign in a wood frame

“I Am A Man”, Photo of Derek Charles Livingston by Rod Terry, Million Man March on Washington, 1995

Rod Terry

Man raising fist at Pride parade

“Seeing voices of love at Atlanta Pride many years ago started me on a journey to love myself, and quite possibly saved my life. I want to be a voice of love for others today.”

Peter Nunn

Woman in pride tanktop in a silver frame

“I can look back on the past year and realize I’m even more comfortable, confident, and happy in who I am and who I love.”

Ellen Esterhay

Couple kissing at wedding in a wood frame

Melissa & Ashley

Rima Brindamour

Black and white photo of two men taking a selfie in a mirror, one has their arms around the other

“We were two lost souls that found one another. Our connection was instanteous, palpable and visceral.”

Tommy Lei

Two men wearing suits walk arm and arm after being wed as guests wave pride flags

“My mom gave a speech that will live with us for the rest of our lives (she even got a standing ovation).”

Sean Eiles

Men laying in field at music festival in a wood frame

“We can’t wait to attend the festival again, but until then we’re inspired by the fact that we’re all in this together!’”

Paul Gonzales

Derek + Marcus

Top of the Rock

Derek + Marcus

Meghan Harkins

Out of Office

Meghan Harkins

Woman holding rainbow sign that says disarm hate in a red frame

Iowa City Pride Parade 2018

Jackie Blake Jensen

Andy & Danny

“Love and acceptance are connected, not separate, concepts.”

Andy & Danny

Man holding sign at pride parade in a dark frame

Thomas Carey, longtime gay activist, Gay Pride, San Diego, 1978. Photographer unknown. Courtesy of Lambda Archives of San Diego (LASD Internal)

We Are Everywhere by Matthew Riemer & Leighton Brown

Couple hoisted in chairs at Jewish wedding

“Remembering the love we felt that day is one of the key things keeping us going in this time of isolation. We look forward to the queer weddings we will attend—and queer love that we will celebrate—when this is all behind us.”

Danny Sharron

Washington, DC

Our 2019 Pride Gallery Wall

Washington, DC

Two women holding a baby in a gold frame

“Pearl is only a year and a half but we always tell her that love is what makes a family.”

Shannon Burke

Two women, just married, in white dresses and scarves hold bouquets of flowers outside in an autumnal setting.

“Shelby and I got married in October of last year in the same spot as my parents. We had our dog, Doppler, act as the ring bearer.”

Caitlin Brown

Connor Glendinning

Flying High

Connor Glendinning

Two men dancing at wedding in a gold frame

The Big Dip

Chris Olson

Couple holding hands in front of pride flag

“My proudest Pride because I was so filled with love and support, standing tall hand in hand with my partner.”

Savannah Knell

Purple Pride Month poster in a wood frame

The First Pride at the Pentagon

Alex Wagner

Couple and a baby at a table

“We are both able to be who we are, be the family we want to be, and still have the love and support from our family, friends, co-workers and community.”

Virginia W.

Couple at the beach in a black frame

Remembering Kerry

Christopher Hofer

Couple holding boy's hands in a black and gold frame

Daddy, Papa, and Mason

Frankie Ross

Man Waving Pride Flag in Taiwan in a gold frame

Letter From Taiwan

Wei Tsay