The Ultimate Unique Office Gift for Employees and Clients

Give meaningful gifts to your employees, clients, or partners this holiday season. Whether you choose to mail in an item or use our printing services, we’ve got your corporate gifts covered. Our premium quality, custom frames ensure gifts they’ll remember. After all, one of a kind is on everyone’s list.

Cultivate a culture of employee recognition with gifts that show your appreciation with framed certificates and awards. Honor their finest moments with press coverage, magazine covers, and ribbon cuttings. Give gifts they’ll remember, gifts that celebrate the good times - whether you frame photos from team bonding, mementos from afternoons on the green, or matchbooks from your favorite happy hour spot. With endless possibilities, there’s no excuse for boring gifts this holiday season.

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How it Works

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Know exactly what you want? Start gifting now. Looking for ideas? Fill out a quick survey so we can match you with a dedicated account manager.


Upload a digital file for us to print, or mail a physical piece (we'll send you a free, secure pre-paid mailer).


Receive your beautifully-framed piece (or ship directly to your recipient), totally ready to hang.

The Framebridge Difference

Simple, thoughtful office staff gifts that you can order in minutes. Does it get any easier? (Hint: it doesn't.)

• 24/7 dedicated account support for ordering, design, and billing.
• Every frame custom built by experts using top-quality materials in our US studios.
• Simple pricing starting at $39 (including free shipping)
• Flexible payment options: PayPal, invoicing, credit card, etc.
• Free shipping with tracking to you or your clients
• Guaranteed holiday delivery if ordered by November 14th

"Framebridge did a really great job paying attention to the details and taking all the effort out of it for us."

- Liz M., Content & Engagement Strategist at Cava Grill

Gifts That Motivate


Praise their greatest accomplishments for employee motivation.

Gifts that Say Thanks


Cultivate a culture of employee recognition.

Gifts That Celebrate


Honor their finest moments.

Gifts They'll Remember


Because corporate gifts shouldn't be boring.

Want to talk ideas or inspiration? Chat with our team at or (855) 818-4862.

"We wanted to give a gift to celebrate an important company milestone. Framebridge made it quick and easy to create a personalized token of appreciation for every employee."

- Preston W., Founder of Century Concrete

Our Promise, Guaranteed

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Our Promise, Guaranteed

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Your happiness is our top priority. If you're not 100% happy with your order for any reason, let us know and we'll make it right.

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Questions? Chat with our team at or (855) 818-4862.