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Written in the Stars

From the Third Coast to the West Coast.

Two nights to remember.

Kasey and Greg memorialized the nights their two children were born with customized star charts from Instagram sensation The Night Sky. Here's Kasey in her own words. 

“We had Caeden in downtown Chicago. We knew we were moving to Seattle just a few months after he was born. I remember being comforted by the city lights and the noises of being downtown, soaking it in before we moved across the country. Seventeen months later, my daughter, Rory joined us just after midnight in Seattle.”

“My son's print reminds me of looking out that hospital window at the city lights of bustling Chicago, preparing to become parents. My daughter's print reminds me of bringing her into the world in an entirely new city for us all, but knowing home is wherever we are as a family.”

“The Night Sky maps serve as a daily reminder about those momentous occasions in our family. My husband and I love that they symbolize something so important to us, but also add beautiful decor to our bedroom. It is very special that each child can have their own Night Sky print, personalized for them. We already have the third hook ready for our third baby joining us in a couple of months.”




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