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Wrap It Up!

If you're anything like us, you took FULL advantage of all the awesome deals popping up left and right the last few days. With all those gifts scheduled to arrive on your doorstep in the coming days, you'll need to figure out your wrapping game plan quick! Here are a few ideas from some of our friends, and links to buy all the supplies you need. (Amazon Prime for the win!) Pro tip: from our research it looks like gold scissors are essential. 

Rustic Chic

Photo by Calivintage.

Sometimes simple is best. The perks of this look? You'll save a lot on wrapping paper- kraft paper rolls typically have more square feet than their patterned counterparts, so one roll can get you through the whole season. Tie it all up with some simple twine, and add some greenery in for a seasonal vibe.

Get this look: 

Dark and Dramatic

Styling by Amber Interiors. Photo by Tessa Neustadt. More here.

Go bold with dark paper and flashy trimmings. This look from Amber Interiors is amazingly chic and a perfect complement to any holiday decor. Bonus points for writing on the tags with a metallic pen to match! 

Get the look:

Vintage Charm

Styling by Justina Blakeney. Photo by Danae Horst. More here.

Here's a fun twist on a simple print from The Jungalow. Add some lace trim and little sprigs of holly, and you've got yourself some mighty festive packaging! 

Get this look:

Still in need of some gifts to wrap? Framebridge is the easiest way to be thoughtful - and the easiest thing to wrap. (Thank goodness for right angles!) Head over here to get started!