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5 Reasons Why Custom Framed Gifts Make the Best Gifts


Is a framed picture a good gift? You have probably given someone a framed photo before, even if it was just a 4x6 school portrait that you mailed Grandma for her birthday. But custom framed gifts can be so much more inventive, creative, and deeply personal. From vintage family photos to concert tickets, these aren’t the framed gifts you grew up with. Here are five reasons why custom frames make the best gifts.

1. They’re thoughtful.

Framing a shared memory - like wedding photos or even a casual Instagram post - reminds your giftee of the time you’ve spent together. 

2. They’re easy.

Welcome to the three-minute gift. Printed and framed photos are the most meaningful, personal gifts you can order in minutes. (And mail-in pieces don't take much longer.) You can upload and preview frames all in one spot, and you never have to leave the couch. 

3. They’re fast.

Beautifully framed photos can be delivered right to your (or their) door, ready to hang in time for the holidays. Just make sure you place your order by 12/17. For mail-in gifts (vintage photos, matchboxes, textiles galore…) order by 12/3.

4. They’re one-of-a-kind.

We custom build each frame to perfectly fit your photos and art. Each is truly one-of-a-kind, built to your exact specifications in our Kentucky factory.

5. They tell your story.

Everything you frame has a story behind it. The concert ticket from your first date, your dad’s passport, your favorite photo from your honeymoon, the hospital bracelet from the day your child was born…we’ve seen it all, and we cannot imagine more thoughtful gifts.



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