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What We're Framing: Seven-Toed Kitten

Today we're talking to Framebridge team member, Meredith. As a special projects master Meredith tackles framing all the unique and interesting pieces you send our way. She's sharing how she got into framing (it's truly fascinating!), her favorite framed piece, and why it's so special to her. Meet Meredith. 

Hi, Meredith!

Where are you from? I've lived in Maryland for the last seven years.

Where are you from originally? I was born in Germany, and didn't move to the United States until I turned seventeen. Both my parents were foreign linguists so we moved all over Eastern Europe. I had a really weird childhood, but it was super cool.

How did you get into framing? I left home when I was seventeen. I just picked a spot on the map and said, "I'm going to go live in California." So I booked a one-way ticket to California where I rented this itty bitty apartment. I was all on my own, and within walking distance was a little frame shop. I walked in and it smelled like old wood and books. Oh, it was enchanting! I introduced myself to the man behind the counter and said "I need a job."  (I had never had a job before in my life.) He said, "What makes you want to work here?" I said, "You're the first place I hit. I live right down the street." He laughed and said, "Well, we're a framing shop." I said, "What's framing?" He put his arm around me and said, "Come on, I'll show you." It was completely an accident. I just kinda fell into it.

How would your friends describe you? Missing. When I'm not here (at Framebridge) I work at a wildlife sanctuary where I'm knee high in mud and horse poop.  I'm licensed in wildlife rehabilitation, so I help nurse adorable sick animals back to life. 

What did you frame? This photo is actually of a cat I adopted from the sanctuary named Moo. She's got seven toes on each foot, and looks like a dairy cow. She's polydactyl - which is the term for animals that have a mutant extra toe.

Why did you choose to frame this one? This is my little tribute to Moo. I made it tiny enough to keep it on my desk while I work. She's the reason I get up everyday and come in here. 

What have you framed that's special to you? Share your story with us on Instagram