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The screenshot of when I asked him out on Facebook in college

Facebook conversation screenshot in our Sonoma frame with a white mat

“My boss, who was in charge of all of the other phonathon student workers, was a guy named Patrick, and I thought he was so cute. My friends who I lived with in the dorms at American University knew that I referred to him as my ‘Phonathon Boyfriend.' We barely spoke to each other, but when I was getting ready to go to work I would get extra ready since I knew I was going to see him.

I was only at American University for one semester, so right before Christmas break I decided I would see if he wanted to get coffee with me. I Facebook messaged him from my computer.


Hey Pat
So as much as this end of the semester phonathon party (even with spiked punch) sounds reallyyy appealing I just don't think I'm going to be able to attend haha. But I was wondering if sometime before then you would want to just get coffee?


Hey Mindy,
Sorry it took so long to get back to you. I was in NYC for the weekend. That sounds like a great idea. There's a Starbucks by main campus we can go to, or if you've got another more exciting idea let me know.

I'm free all day Tuesday and the late afternoon and evening on Wednesday. Let me know what works for you. And when are you moving back to CT?


He was actually at a NY Giants game that weekend with his dad and brother, and since we didn't have smartphones or 24 hour access to technology, I was sweating bullets for a few days. He finally got back to me on Sunday, and I was so relieved.

We went to Starbucks on campus for our first date.

He didn’t drink coffee at the time. He said he ordered a chai latte, and later told me he didn’t even like it. He was putting it up to his mouth during our date, pretending to drink it, hoping I didn’t realize it.

It’s funny that this conversation is recorded somewhere where we can go back to it, and look at ourselves being so nervous.

And then we found out we only grew up about 30 minutes from each other in Connecticut and went to tons of the same concerts when we were younger without ever meeting.

Another part of this story is that we were 19 years old when we met, and then he started studying for his CPA around 22. He was studying, I was working. So we broke up, and I moved to NYC.

Two years later, he was passing through NYC, and we met up for lunch. We got to live our own lives and realize we still liked each other. We started talking again and got back together. It’s one of those stories... it's a little complicated, but at the same time we both got to avoid the regret of making a big, giant choice at 19 years old and wondering what could have been.

I’m moving back down to DC in June, and we’re going to move in together. We'll have our own apartment for the first time.

We’re gonna get engaged. We’re picking out rings.

That whole Facebook conversation is still hilarious to us. We’ve looked at it a couple times over the years. We can't get over how formal we were with each other, and how nervous we were.

We’ve been through a lot over eight years. It’s funny to look back on how it all started with two awkward humans.”

-Mindy Gold