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Photo from the first dance at our wedding

Wedding photo in our Chelsea frame with a white mat

Wedding photo in our Chelsea frame with a white mat

"I framed picture of my husband, Jack, and me at our wedding. I love the way he is looking at me. This was our wedding night almost ten years ago. I feel like everything positive in my life starts with Jack. From his support and encouragement that has enabled me to build a business to his boundless love for our kids and family. 

When he smiles at me like in this picture, I feel like I can do anything and I have everything that I need.  

That smile has gotten me through the loss of my Dad and my sister, through a difficult pregnancy with our amazing son, Storm, being born almost 9 weeks early. Someone once wrote to my husband (actually, it was Bill Clinton), "Even in tough times, there are more smiles when you are in the room." I love that. It is so true. I kind of want to frame different pictures of him smiling for every room in my house!"

-Veluxe Founder Susanna Quinn