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Spruce Up Your Space for the New Year

We've all heard the usual sayings this time of year.

New Year, New YouMake 2016 Your Year!

But let's be honest. By February 1st, it seems a lot of those resolutions have fizzled out. So let's focus on a resolution that is good year round: making your home a space you love. We're here to give you some home sprucing projects and ideas that you'll actually want to follow through with. Here's all the inspo you should need to get started.


It's where you start and end each day, so it should be a space you love. We're all for keeping things in the bedroom clean and calm, so a few small changes will go a long way.

  • Bedding: For an instant, bold refresh, switch up your bedding. You will be ah-mazed by the impact that a new printed or patterned duvet, clean and simple quilt, or comfy cozy comforter will add. 
  • Art: For a subtle (and free!) upgrade, try moving around your art... Or getting some more! Hang a statement piece over the bed, or lean a little something special on your dresser.
  • Corners: Don't forget little corners like your bedside table. We always love an Instagram Mini by a bed. The size is just right!
  • Rug: It brings the whole space together. It's the glue. So, if you don't have one, or if your current one has seen better days, it's time to go shopping. If you're not looking to invest in a new piece, try mixing up the orientation of the one you have.

Photo via Goldwire featuring our Irvine Slim frame.

Bedside table featuring our Irvine Slim frame.

Photo via @sargibs featuring our Sonoma frame.

Photo via @_tianalewis featuring our Mercer and Mercer Slim frames.

Living Room

Gotta upgrade the sacred space where you binge on Netflix, lounge after work, and cuddle with your fur baby (or actual baby, boo, etc.). Here are a few things to think about.

  • Lighting: The easiest way to liven up your room is to change up the lighting. Keep in mind the use! Is it for reading (task lighting) or for ambiance? Once you decide, making a choice will be much easier.
  • Gallery Wall: You know that blank wall waiting for some love? Go for a gallery wall! Pick a theme: family photos (below), colorful art, black and white pieces, etc. Not sure where to start? We can help.

Photo via @gordonandgalbraith featuring our Irvine Slim frame.

Gallery wall via @jordanaclaudia

Family photo gallery wall via @beckiowens in our Irvine Slim frame.


Alright, so it's not the most glamorous room in the house, but it's important nonetheless and it deserves some TLC. Here are a couple thoughts on how to dress up your throne. 

  • Declutter: The key here is keeping the visual space clean. Put away anything that isn't essential and you'll love all the nice clean space you find.
  • Accessorize: We love these above-the-throne frames and lovely accents of greenery. Easy to add, and easy to enjoy. 

Photo via @camilledipaola featuring Insta Minis in our Newport frame.

Photo via @greyandscout featuring our Irvine frame.


Because this is your year to Get. Shit. Done. Your space should inspire creativity and productivity. Here's where to start. 

  • Storage: The key to a successful space is making sure you have room to work, but also that your stuff is still within reach. Try installing some shelves or using some baskets to organize your trinkets. Bonus points for labeling everything!
  • Inspiration: A motivational poster or two, those gorgeous photos from your recent trip, or you and your friends out on the town. Whatever it is that inspires you - get it up on your walls!

Photo via @melodyjoymunn featuring an Instagram Mini in our Mercer Slim frame.


We know you've got some healthy meals to make, but why not make a nice little coffee (or tea) spot while you're at it?

  • Chairs: They're a quick way to make a big impact. Look around at your local thrift stores for some to spruce up with a DIY, or go big with a new set. 
  • Art: You need something pretty to look at while you're drinking your afternoon tea. Frame a large format photo (check out these free high res options), scoop up some art prints (over here), take a peek at our Framebridge Featured Artists (over here), or pick your favorite Instagrams for us to print and frame (over here). 

Photo via @spookforkbacon featuring prints by @plantplantplanet in our Marin frame.

Photo via @nicole_franzen featuring large format photography in our Irvine Slim frame.

Photo via @highfiveforlove featuring four Instagram Minis in our Irvine frame.

There you have it! Easy-to-tackle projects that will make a big difference this New Year. Get on it!