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Rejection, Growth, and Lots of Crying: A Case for Framing Tough Moments

Photo by @nikaliye

"Been thinking a lot lately about rejection and the pressure we place on ourselves to be the youngest, best [insert dream of your choice here]. To be the BEST friend, to never miss an event, to always show up everywhere looking thin and polished. I’ve been feeling bad about not being any of the above lately. Not because of anyone else, but because of my own self imposed pressure. ⁣

If you know me you know I’m a crier. As the honorable Kristen A. Bell said, 'If I’m not between a 3 and a 7 on the emotional scale, I’m crying.' Same, girl. ⁣

I applied to grad school this year because I felt lost. My path to becoming the best [whatever] wasn’t clear. I wanted external validation that I was good enough. During the interview, the Fanciest Big Wig at the Best, Most Impressive School made a comment to me, about me that deeply hurt me. That comment made me second guess my ability to do the thing I’m already doing. That comment knocked Fancy Grad School totally off my radar. ⁣

A couple of weeks ago the Fancy Big Wig apologized to me. I cried when the apology came through. One truly perfect cinematic tear. ⁣

I framed the email. It’s above my desk now. Maybe I’ll get where I’m trying to go, maybe I’ll end up with a different [insert here]. All I know is that I have a lot more crying to do along the way and all I can do about it is be nice to myself every single time." 

-- @nikaliye


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