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5 Easy Ways to Prep a Dining Room for Entertaining

Company's coming, and your walls just look so... boring. Fear not, friends. We got you. The easiest (and quickest) way to spruce up your space? Frames. Duh. Ordering takes less than five minutes, and within days you'll have your art and photos delivered to your door.


The (Un)usual Haunts

Witches and black cats, mummies and zombies, sewer-dwelling clowns and the whole prepubescent cast of "Stranger Things" - yep, it's that time of year. Love it or hate it, the ultimate witching hour approaches. Bring the spooky vibes indoors with clever interior design tricks that capitalize on your year-round decor.


Written in the Stars

From the Third Coast to the West Coast, Kasey and Greg’s family has been defined by two unforgettable nights. The couple memorialized the nights their children were born with customized star charts.


In the Center of It All

While most girls spend the weeks leading up to their wedding finalizing hair appointments and seating charts, Emily was hitting the books to research the ultimate wedding gift for her husband-to-be. “I wanted to give Steve (the king of thoughtful presents) a really good wedding gift!,” Emily said.


Pepper the Pupper

Meet Pepper, a 3.5 year old doberman pinscher and Instagram model. “I found my own Instagram feed being taken over by pictures of Pepper on our adventures. Before I knew it, Pepper had more friends than me!” Pepper’s owner Ema said. “So it just became logical that she needed her own page.”


Styling a Perfect Little Space

Above the the shampoo bowl in Little Space Salon gleams a photo of a pair of scissors. Patty created her Brooklyn salon as a retreat from New York’s never-ending business, a place to unwind and feel at home.

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