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Gift of a Lifetime

After her husband’s father passed away, Sara decided to commemorate his memory in a way that that her husband Jon could see every day, a gift that would recall another gift from years before. When Jon was 18, his father gave him his first car. "He was very moved by ...


10 One-of-a-Kind Gifts for Mom

Your relationship with your mother is totally unique, and her Mother’s Day gift should be too. The good news is that a gift she’s love is probably already on your camera roll - or in your attic.


Meet The Artist: Kelly Ventura

You know what we love about watercolors? How effortless they look despite the careful patience and skill they require. Kelly Ventura's paintings are no exception. Read on to learn more about the thought and skill that goes into her light, bright compositions.


I'll Love You Tomorrow

Kate recently discovered this poem, neatly copied onto notebook paper and a bit rumpled around the edges, in her mother's journal. Though Kate's mom has passed, she left behind a series of journals packed with stories, musings, and poems like this one.


Most Likely Italy, 1910

Smiling, drinking, and laughing, these trouser-clad women are having a blast. When Genna found this vintage photo at Chisholm Larsson Gallery, she was immediately drawn to these lively young women and the mystery behind their photograph.