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Meet the Artist: Clare Elsaesser

Clare Elsaesser is a talented painter known for her moody portraits on women enmeshed in natural elements. We love framing her originals and art prints, and we talk about Clare’s work to everyone we know. (Seriously.)


Meet the Designer: Studio McGee

Shea and Syd McGee founded their eponymous design studio in a spare bedroom with no room for fabric samples. Fast forward: Studio McGee has completed hundreds of projects and launched a store. We interviewed Shea McGee about her work process, her career journey, and the everyday work of being a renowned designer.


How To Edit Your Travel Photos

Let's be real. One of the most satisfying parts of traveling is taking that thumb stopping Instagram, the image you'll return to again and again and think, take me back. right. now.


Meet the Artist: David Parise

Inspired by the craftsmanship and detail in Mattel's iconic dolls, photographer David Parise has broken them out of the box and taken them out to the beach... and the hotel bar... and the pool for some Slim Aarons-esque leisure shoots.