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How to Decorate with Eucalyptus Plants

Meet the Australian plant that Americans are obsessed with. This soft, sage green plant has captivated bloggers everywhere. With its hearty stalks and soothing scent, eucalyptus is a perennial favorite here at Framebridge (but we love it extra at the holidays). From silver dollar to true blue, we can’t get enough. Here are our favorite designs incorporating eucalyptus.


5 Reasons Why Custom Framed Gifts Make the Best Gifts

You’ve probably given someone a framed photo before, even if it was a 4x6 school portrait that you mailed Grandma for her birthday. But framed gifts can be so much more inventive, creative, and deeply personal. Here are five reasons why custom framed art, photos, and objects make the best holiday gifts.


Nate Berkus and Framebridge: Design Love is in the Air

Award-winning, world-renowned interior designer meets interior design disruptor? Yes, please. We’re excited to announce that interior design icon Nate Berkus is joining us as Framebridge’s new Creative Advisor. Nate’s award-winning design firm, Nate Berkus Associates, is defined by its approachable yet elevated ethos, a mission we’ve always identified with.


Meet the Artist: Michelle Rial

Michelle Rial thinks up brilliant, utterly charming charts. She draws them by hand with tiny block letter writing then posts them to her Instagram feed. An up-and-coming artist, Michelle’s analog medium appears perfectly at home on the Internet.


Meet the American Hardwoods Collection

American grown material. Beautiful grain. Natural finish. The American Hardwood Collection is the first of its kind: naturally finished solid wood frames that are grown, milled, and built in America. The collection contains three hardwoods prized for their unique grains, durability, and characteristic patina that comes with age. We’re proud ...


How to Make Copies of Old Photos

Have you ever cracked open a yellowing album of old family photos? Peering down at your great grandparents’ young, smiling faces you feel transported. Here's how to create and frame digital copies of your old family photos.

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