Night at the Movies


Newlyweds Allison (@mariereese30) and Allie (@allieshapiro) love a date night. As working artists, they’ve always found inventive ways to spend time together. A picnic becomes dinner and a show when they catch Shakespeare in the Park. Their small back porch in Chicago becomes a bistro with the addition of a few candles. Nights at the movies are frequent—under normal circumstances.

The couple is currently quarantining with Allie’s parents in Ohio so date nights haven’t exactly been easy to pull off, even for the two creative minds. They’ve been missing movie nights especially, so Allie came up with an idea to surprise Allison. “My mom is an artist and she has a studio in the basement,” Allie said, “I got the posterboard out.”

When Allison came back home from picking up a take-out dinner, Allie surprised her with a night at the movies that they’d been missing so much. She arrived to find a cinema marquis complete with lights and showtimes. They chose to get tickets to see The Gentlemen.


“I knew we were watching a movie, but I didn’t know we were ‘going to the movies’,” Allison said.

They proceeded to the concession stand and were struck by the outrageous prices. $50 for Pringles? $100 for a Stella?! Oh and they I.D. here, too. Allie treated her anyway, pulling out a wad of Monopoly money to pay for their movie snacks.


They were delighted with their big night out in quarantine. “It was a fun way to separate the days since they all kind of blend together,” said Allie.

Next week they have a date in the basement where they’ve set up a coffee shop. We hear it’s way overpriced.