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Taylr Anne frames Matisse's blue nude

Via @taylranne

She's a fashion and lifestyle blogger, a photographer, and an artist. Taylr Anne has cultivated a delightfully boho aesthetic influenced by her world travels across the country and the world. So, what does a traveling creative's home look like? And what exactly does she frame to make her space feel like home? Read on to find out. 

So Taylr, where do you call home? I live in Orange County, California. I was born and raised here, jumping a few cities along the way.  I've always been a beachside girl, but now LA feels like my second home for how often I am there.

A few of your favorite things? Coffee in the morning, holding hands, a good book, candles, dancing, a glass of wine, being in love, traveling, nights in the city, making people laugh, art that makes me feel something.

Favorite Instagram accounts? Other than my best girlfriends who are always inspiring me via real life and the inter web I'm always finding new inspiration through Instagram; a few accounts that always steal my red hearts: @landofwomen, @marton_kecskes, @theblab, @4thandbleeker, @thedreslyn, @zelladay.

Who are some of your favorite artists? Henri Matisse, Glen Luchford, Pierre Soulages, Ellsworth Kelly

What would you say is your greatest source of inspiration? Traveling & escaping to a museum for the day.

"I tend to pay attention to details and what makes something unique."

Matisse print in our Irvine Slim frame with a white mat | Via @taylranne

How would you describe your aesthetic? I would say I am drawn to minimalism, but I am not afraid of color. So when it comes to home decor or clothing, I tend to pay attention to details and what makes something unique.

What did you frame with us? Why is it special to you? I framed one of Henri Matisse's works from his Blue Nude series. It is the perfect combination of simplicity and color. As an artist, the human body is one of my favorite things ever to sketch; this portrait is iconic and beautiful.

What iconic, beautiful thing do you want to frame?