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My (Love) Story: Music

From travel to burgers to bunnies, we've shared some pretty special love stories over the past couple weeks. As we get closer to Valentine's Day (Hi, February!), our next story features a daughter, her dad, and a love of music. And, when we say music, we're not talking Top 40. (Sorry, Biebs.) Meet our friend Eden, and take a trip down memory lane... to the tune of her and her dad's favorite song "Clair de Lune."

Hi! What did you frame with us? I framed a photo of my Dad playing the piano. He's a trained concert pianist, and I grew up with him always playing. In this photo he's playing my favorite song, Clair de Lune. It was one of the songs he would play when I'd fall asleep when I was little, and was very much the background to my childhood. Last year, we walked down the aisle at my wedding to this song.

Your Dad sounds like a very real musician! He went to Juilliard in high school to study piano. He studied under the very famous teacher of the time. So, he became a trained concert pianist, but actually ended up going a totally different route professionally. (He started a think tank in DC.)

In the spirit of our "love stories," what do you love most about your Dad? My favorite quality is that he always wants to learn more. Especially about people. Everywhere he is he just asks questions - whether he's talking to people in elevators, at the checkout counter at Safeway, wherever. He just wants to get to know people and learn what they're all about and what drives them. I used to be really embarrassed about it when I was little, but now that I've grown up I really I love it. 

Did his love of music inspire a love of music in you? It definitely did. It made me appreciate the fundamentals of music and the hard work that goes into being successful. And - let's be real - I don't think I would've loved classical if it weren't for him. And all of my memories involve music! When I was little I used to always dance to him playing the piano and had my own dances to every song.


"This was one of the songs he would play when I'd fall asleep. It was the background to my childhood."


Do you and your Dad go to concerts or music events or anything? When I was little we were always at the Kennedy Center listening to the orchestra or the symphony. I remember just wanting to run up and down the aisle, and my Dad sitting there listening with his eyes closed taking everything in. Which is exactly how he is when he plays the piano. He actually has a custom-made Steinway because he would bang so hard on the keys he would break the chords!


"I remember... my Dad sitting there listening with his eyes closed taking everything in. Which is exactly how he is when he plays the piano."


Any special memory that sticks out? Well, on Christmas Eve we would have the same group of people over every year, and he would always play. It was really special to look around because he was playing songs that each person had a completely different relationship with. So, I think, it was very emotional for each person in the room for different reasons. Him playing the piano is the soundtrack to our house - to my childhood.


data-title=""Clair de Lune" performed by Marcus Raskin"


What a beautiful story! Thank you, Eden. We will be listening to him playing "Clair de Lune" all afternoon.