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My (Love) Story: Bunnies

We're very excited to share our next love story. Meet Lula, and her rabbits, Lily and Larry. Before you ask - yes, they are real. And the story is all kinds of cute and touching and hilarious. Bunny speed dating?! Who knew.

What did you frame?

I framed some polaroids of the two lights of my life - my baby buns. Whenever I take a picture of them I'm always calculating and planning out the precise moment I want to capture. With a polaroid I'm able to only capture an instant moment and it gives me an opportunity to take a single picture that not only reflects a memory but plays a part in its creation. It's such a simple and honest medium. 

How did you come to adopt the bunnies?

I never saw myself as someone who would adopt rabbits. When I was in college a coworker had a rabbit that needed to be adopted that was in a bad living situation. She really needed a home, and no one else was going to give her one. I lovingly named her Bun-Bun the Hutt because she was so fat. 

What spurred the decision to get a second rabbit?

Bunnies are a lot like people. They need partners, they need friends. After owning Bun-Bun for a couple years, I joined a humane society, called Rabbit House Society, where they foster rabbits and find homes for them. I went to an adoption event where they had bunny speed dating.

Set up around the room were pens with rabbits who needed a home. I had actually stalked the website beforehand, and saw a particular rabbit, Larry, that I just knew would be the one for her. The bunny has to choose their mate though. You don't get to choose.

How did speed dating go?

Bun-Bun and Larry were introduced at the event, and had a very cute cuddle session. They were then given to a professional bonder to make sure they were a good match. They were such a cute couple. Unfortunately, shortly after they became mates Bun-Bun was diagnosed with cancer, and passed away.

I didn't want to leave Larry without a partner though, so shortly after his grieving period we went back to another bunny speed dating event. It was kinda like a bunny version of The Bachelor. Larry was quite the ladies man at the event. Ultimately, we picked a dark-brown spotted rabbit, Lily, who was kinda friendly with him, but a little sassy. Sometimes it's like Larry brought a girlfriend to the apartment and she never left. In the past couple months they've really formed a great bond.


"It was kinda like a bunny version of The Bachelor. Larry was quite the ladies man at the event."


What has owning bunnies taught you?

A LOT of patience. I have gone through a lot of phone/computer chargers. But really, they are very sweet, friendly animals if you give them a chance to warm up to you. You really have to be patient with letting them get to know you though. You have to show them affection, but be prepared for them to reciprocate it on their own terms. Owning these rabbits has taught me that I can never be someone that lives without pets. 

Thanks, Lula! Talk about cute overload.