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Alexandra frames her baby bump


We thought we'd finish this year's series of Father's Day stories with a beautiful young family and a celebration of their dad to be, Andrew. We've been fans of mama Alexandra for a long time. More on her below, but we just have to say that we *truly* don't think anyone can make simple, every day things sounds any more delicious than this talented lady. Exhibit A. We were so excited to hear this "mama bird" was expecting, and couldn't help but reach out and ask: What are you framing for the soon-to-be dad in your life this Father's Day? Meet Alexandra, Andrew, and Rooster Lou.

Name: Alexandra Tallulah Dawson

Nutritionist + the founder, writer, and photographer behind whole body wellness website and Instagram and @TallulahAlexandra

Favorite Things: 
my husband Andrew and our not-so-little Great Pyrenees Rooster Lou, sunshine, salty air, a life in motion, lots of yoga, and black coffee. 

Favorite Instagram Accounts: 
this response definitely changes (almost daily!), but a few of my longtime favorites include: @tifforelie, @aprilyap, and @talinegabriel



What are you most excited to see with the new baby? When are you due? 
Our due date is September 4, 2016. We're just so excited for him to arrive, healthy and happy.

Have you guys started collecting anything special for the baby? 
Our home is slowly filling up with the sweetest little baby things, but I think one of the most special pieces is Andrew's great grandmother's rocking chair - this beautiful, soft and cozy rocking armchair his mom immediately had reupholstered for us. It's been passed down from generation to generation and just feels so meaningful to have in our home.

Do you have a name picked out? 
Andrew and I've had a name we've both adored since long before we learned we were expecting! We're keeping it a secret until he arrives.



"He loves with every ounce of his being."

How would you describe Andrew? 
Andrew is wildly passionate and positive, he loves with every ounce of his being, and he is the worst at remaining still.

What is your favorite quality about him? 
His energy - Andrew radiates positivity and light, always. It's nearly impossible not to let it soak in and thus glow too while your around him. He just makes me (and I think everyone around him) feel happy and meaningful.

Any cute dad-to-be moments you've witnessed? 
Andrew is absolutely hysterical - he's been so present in and wonderful about our pregnancy, and I think has been a real champ, stepping to the sideline while the majority of the attention from friends and family is directed my way. To quell this and make him feel more special and acknowledged, we've planned little road trips - like a 2 hour drive for his favorite donuts - to fulfill his 'cravings'.



"We're both just so over the moon excited for him to get here."

What kind of dad do you think he'll be? 
The very best dad - a dad filled to the brim (and overflowing) with unconditional love, pride, encouragement, imagination, awkward dad jokes, and wisdom. The kind of dad just like his dad!

What do you think he's most excited about? 
Honestly, everything! Right now, we're both just so over the moon excited for him to get here - but I know looking forward, Andrew just can't wait to make him a part of our world; introducing him to our little family 'traditions,' our long walks and jogs, our weekend road trips and coffee dates, our whole wide world.

Can you tell us a little bit about the photo? Where was it taken? 
This photograph was taken the afternoon my 'bump' appeared - at about 20 1/2 weeks pregnant. Up until that point there was really no physical sign of my pregnancy, my abdomen was completely unchanged, and then he finally and suddenly made his debut! Andrew took this in what will be his nursery.



"It just felt like such a magical moment - that tangible pinpoint in time where our little babe and our beautiful future together were here and real."

What makes it special to you? 
It just felt like such a magical moment - that tangible pinpoint in time where our little babe and our beautiful future together were here and real.



"It's a perfect capture of the life we've manifested together."

What made you want to give it to Andrew for Father's Day? 
It's Andrew's favorite picture of me - it's a perfect capture of the life we've manifested together.

How do you feel when you look at this framed memory? 
Over the moon excited, anticipatory, and already so in love with our little family and the life we've created and continue to nourish.  



Happy Father's Day to Andrew and all the other amazing soon-to-be dads, pro dads and grand-dads out there.