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Meet the Artist: Sarah Madeira Day

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Sarah Madeira Day plays with negative space and color (both natural and not) to create enchanting abstract landscapes inspired by the coasts and fields of her native Maine.

When she’s not in the studio, Sarah can be found outside, running, hiking, or taking a long stroll with her family. On these outings, Sarah takes photos, gathering inspiration that she later incorporates into her paintings.

The piece we’re featuring was inspired by Jesuit Field. “It’s right down the road from my childhood home,” Sarah said. “That’s the field where I would sled and go on walks with the family. It’s a very cool place.”

Photo via @sarahmadeiraday

“I only ever work with red, blue, yellow, and white. For this piece, I wanted to try these undertones of orange. I like the idea of taking neutrals and dark colors and letting bright, unnatural colors peek through.”

That sense of playfulness combined with Sarah’s awe at the Maine’s natural beauty translates into beautiful paintings designed to make people happy. Sarah said that when she creates a work of art, she strives to paint something that her client will love for years to come.

“It’s important for people to have art in their homes,” she explained. “What’s great about Framebridge is you can turn anything into art. When you put something in a frame it makes a huge difference. It adds a lot to the space, especially if it’s important to you.”

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