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At Work With: Create & Cultivate

We are so excited to be sponsors and friends of Create & Cultivate, a creative conference and community for female entrepreneurs in the digital space. (We'll be at their next event in Dallas!) So, when they asked for some help furnishing their beautiful headquarters in Atwater Village in Los Angeles, naturally we jumped at the chance. Keep scrolling to check out this uber creative work space, and our conversation with Veronica Valencia of Design Hunters who dreamed up this playful, feminine, and chic design.

Tell us a little about Create and Cultivate. What's it all about? Create & Cultivate is an amazing, fast growing company centered around fostering female entrepreneurship in the digital space. Their presence on and offline is so refreshing! If you haven't been to an event, you should! They hold creative conferences around the US, filled with inspiring talks, cocktails, workshops and so much more!

Something that all aspiring #girlbosses should keep in mind? "Keep Doing. Keep Going. Keep Moving." It's easy to get comfortable and discouraged, especially in a world with a million and one creatives. So cliche, but I've learned through the years to always trust your gut. When you trust yourself, the creativity, passion and motion comes naturally.  

How did you come to be involved with C&C? A few years ago I was contacted by Create & Cultivate to help with one of their events. I recently had heard of them through a friend and jumped at the opportunity to collaborate with creatives like myself. I did the florals and styling for that event and looking back its insane how much they have grown since then! That first event led to a relationship with the company and the founder Jakie Johnson that later led to designing their new HQ!

Who are some of your favorite artists/creatives to follow? A lot of my favorite creatives to follow are food and travel enthusiasts. Some of my faves are: @local_milk, @aguynamedpatrick, @linda_lomelino, and @urbanxko. I love their visions and consistency. All so different but everything they individually post is so dreamy!

Favorite sources of interior design inspo? Traveling and exploring with my fiance. Sundays are always one of our favorites. Checking out new coffee shops, going to a book store...

How do you begin a project like this? Where do you start? Sketches? Brainstorming? One word... Pinterest. Although I am a firm believer in hitting the streets and pulling inspiration from your travels and experiences, a good ol' pinterest board is a fabulous way to start driving the creative pulse of a project. We pretty much run our company from cars, airports, coast to coast, so digital platforms, such as Pinterest have been a game changer in creating project mood boards quickly. 

What was the goal of the design? The goal was to bring as much visual eye candy into the space... while keeping it classy, chic and minimal like the girls who work there.  


"The goal was to bring as much visual eye candy into the space... while keeping it classy, chic and minimal like the girls who work there."


What's the advantage of a workspace that feels like home? Comfortability. Everyone feels at ease in a home environment. The challenge is to create a setting that fosters coziness all while being able to provide a functional work space that is conducive to actually getting work done! Creating a balance of promoting "getting the job done," all while making people feel content and inspired within the office is key.

What is your favorite room, corner or item in the space? I mean, the floral wallpaper in the dining/office space is stunning!

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="2234.0"] "Woman in Boat" in Irvine Slim, No Mat, Extra Large[/caption]

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="384.0"] "Oxford I" in Irvine Slim, No Mat, Extra Large[/caption]

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="529.0"] "Orchid" in Irvine, White Mat, Large[/caption]

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="408.0"] "Young Lady" in Mercer Slim, White Mat, Medium[/caption]

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="564.0"] "Watery Bliss" in Irvine Slim, No Mat, Extra Large[/caption]

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="250.0"] "Bathtub (Pink)" in Marin, White Mat, Medium[/caption]

Art from Artfully Walls. Photography by Modern Type. Design by Veronica Valencia of Design Hunters

Gorgeous space, right? Stay current on all things Create & Cultivate over here