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She’s Got This Covered

Framed Book Covers, Katherine Lowry Logan

This one room contains the dual passions that define historical romance author Katherine Lowry Logan’s life: writing and running.

A treadmill and a writing desk dominate her  office. On the wall behind them rest six book covers and a slew of marathon medals.  For all her success, Katherine didn’t start writing until she was in her late forties. “Unfortunately, my husband died right after I finished the first draft of my first book,” Katherine said. “The story went into a drawer for ten years.”


When she felt ready, Katherine dusted off the draft and got to work. “I edited the story over and over again. I probably wrote a million words editing one story.” Katherine writes time-traveling mysteries wherein her heroines find themselves immersed in richly evocative historical settings, their hearts on the line. Faced with nearly insurmountable challenges in the past and the present, her characters and must learn to take control of their own stories.


With the goal of writing a book and running a marathon each year, Katherine is reshaping her life, embracing her passions and backing them up with dedication and grit. “I ran my first half marathon the day I published my first book,” Katherine said. “So the covers and the medals go hand in hand and represent hours of hard work and determination.”


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