It's All In The (Adams) Family

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“Evidence that some people never change.

Middle school me feeling confident AF as a tomato.”

-Megan Adams, Ultimate Halloween Enthusiast

Megan’s grandmother sewed all her childhood costumes, sparking a love of Halloween that has only strengthened through the years. (And as a member of the Adams Family, how could it not?) Here's Megan in her own words. 

“My grandma's name is Martha, she's 88 years old and the matriarch of our family as the mother of ten and grandmother to more than 30. She is tough, takes no shit, and loves her family deeply. She is my greatest inspiration and I love her beyond words. Many of my greatest memories are tied to something she sewed me. When I was in second grade, she sewed me a Snow White costume. She had made me a Dorothy dress complete with pantyhose braids. The tomato costume I wore in sixth grade without a thought was a hand-me down that she had made for another cousin earlier on, kept in our giant costume bin.”

“My grandma can't sew anymore because ‘her hands don't work the way they used to’ but making things for us kids is certainly a part of her love language that I'll cherish forever and hope to pass down to kids of my own someday.”




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