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Introducing: Monterey

Say hello to our newest frame, Monterey. Just in time for summer, this whitewashed wood frame has an earthy, rich texture with a sleek, modern profile. Its creamy white tone is solid on the sides and transparent on the face, allowing the wood grain to show through. It's rich and textured, but light and modern at the same time making it the perfect accent for modern and traditional spaces. Rock it with vivid art, bright photography prints, and travel Instagrams for a clean, cool, summer-y look. Here's how.  

Vivid Art

"Rockstar" by Kristi Kohut

Don't be afraid to pair vivid art with this earthy, modern frame. We suggest heading over to Hapi Art to get a happy print of your very own.  

Bright Photography Prints

"Barbie's Farmhouse" by Matt Crump

Color-blocked brick walls have never looked so good. Need a bold piece of your own? Check out Matt Crump's candyland of prints. 

Travel Instagrams

'Tis the season for summer vacation. All those gorgeous travel Instagrams you're about to take - they've got a nice, new place to call home. 

Monterey is waiting.