How to Make a Copy of an Old Photo with your Phone

This is the easy way to create copies of old photos

We all have old photos: vintage prints of your Grandma as a bikini-clad young woman. A polaroid from the bar-crawl on your 28th birthday. A dog-eared print from Christmas 1989. While we fully encourage framing all such treasures, sometimes it makes more sense to frame a copy--like when the photo in question actually belongs to your Great Aunt Margaret.

It's super easy to make digital copies by simply taking a photo of the original on your phone. The video above walks you through the steps of how to line up your photo for a perfect shot. Then just upload the digital file to our site & choose the size you want to print it at. We love the look of old photos blown up large, or you can print them at the same size as the original for a true copy. We'll print your image with archival ink on acid-free paper (printing is free), then frame it for you at our factory in Kentucky. It's really that easy. 


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