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How To: Edit Your Instagrams

By the looks of our framing studio, we know you love framing your Instagrams. We can't blame you - it takes about five minutes and costs you $39 to get a favorite pic printed and framed. So good, right? To help you get your 'gram looking its best we've enlisted our in-house photographer, Veronica, to share a few quick photo editing tips. Get ready to post with pride, friends.

Let's get started. Open Instagram and select the photo you want to post. 



Choose a filter: Filters are basically just pre-packaged adjustments. We suggest picking your favorite filter first, and then fine tuning it in the editing flow. A few of our go-to Instagram filters are Clarendon, Lark, and Juno. Here's what we like about each of them: 

  • Clarendon: Use this filter when you'd like to add some cooler (read: bluer) tones to the photo. Avoid using with people though! You don't want to make them look sickly. 
  • Lark: This one is great for adding a little more life to the people in your photos. It's also a great option when your photo was shot in a shadow, and you need to warm up the image.
  • Juno: Go for this filter when you want to add a little drama to your photo. It will increase the contrast between light and dark.



Adjust:  If your photo is looking a little crooked, play with the adjust feature to straighten things up. Use the grid as a guide to ensure straight lines in your photo are perfectly horizontal or vertical. Toggle the dial until the horizon line in your image is square with the grid.

Another thing you can do with the adjust tool is play with the perspective. This is great for when you're trying to take a photo straight on, but may not have gotten it quite right. Toggle the vertical and horizontal tools until you've got it looking right.



Warmth: If your photo is looking a little blue, add a little warmth. This is especially good for skin color adjustments. If you're feeling like the people in your image don't look natural, you probably need to add more warmth. 



Contrast: Don't go crazy here because your filter usually takes care of this. You just want to punch up the color a little bit. (Don't worry if you go overboard - you can always go back and tone it down.)



Sharpen: Instagram filters can make your photos fuzzy even if they're super sharp. Slide up the sharpen dial to keep them looking crisp. Not only will this make your photo look more polished, but it will really bring out the detail in the image.



Before and after: One of our favorite parts of the process is toggling between the before and after views at the end. Simply tap and release on the image to see the before and after transformation. It's amazing what a few taps and slides can do.



Best part? You can frame your Instagrams straight from our app.