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How to: Display Family Photos


Want to incorporate family photos into your home while still keeping it Pinterest-level pretty? Us too. But it can be hard to avoid wedding photos, baby shots and family vacation pics from overtaking the design and art in your space. Today we're sharing three takes on how to make spaces beautiful and family photo friendly. Take a look at our three - equally awesome, but very different - approaches.

Gallery Wall

A great way to incorporate family photos into your space is alongside your art on a great gallery wall. Intersperse photos, art, prints and small objects onto a wall to give any corner of your home a personal but artsy vibe. Don't forget to lay it all out on the floor first!


Family photo gallery wall featuring our Mercer, Irvine, and Marin frames || Via Bleubird


Artsy Ones Only

Another approach is to be very selective about the family photos you display in your home: a beautiful black and white shot, a cool close-up, something that makes the image feel like art. This makes the photos you do select really stand out and forces you to be very choosy about what images you hang. Pro tip: Blow up or crop a photo to add some edge.

A sweet candid photo becomes even more special blown up in black and white


All Together

Sometimes it can be hard to pick just one or two images to display. To avoid compromising the design of your space try grouping your memories together. They will tell a more consistent story that both you and your house guests will love. Oh, and try making the frames either very similar or very different for a consistent look. 


Photos series in our Newport frames

What do you think? We'd love to see how you apply these ideas in your own home. Whether it's a 500 square-foot studio or a 5-bedroom home, pick your approach, put up your frames, and share a pic with us on Instagram! 

P.S. Make sure to tag Framebridge so we can see your approach!