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How To Build a Grid Gallery Wall

Gallery grid of Instagram Minis in our Richmond frame with a white mat | Via Simply Sona. Click here to buy this look!

Do you love having everything arranged just so? Are you a fan of clean lines and even proportions?

Well, we've got a gallery wall for you. Grids are a beautiful way to display a collection of photos or art. Matching frames and consistent sizing create a harmonious display that is about as perfectly polished as it gets. Yeah, you have to do a little math on installation day, but it's totally worth it. 

From measuring to hanging, here's how to build a grid gallery of framed photos! 

  • A grid is perfect if: You want to exactly fill the space above a couch/headboard/dining table.

  • What You'll Need: Photography you love. If you have hi-res images, you can go for larger pieces, but we love the look of a grid of small framed Instagram photos (we print them at 5x5), too.

  • How to Get It: First, choose your photos. Crop all of them to be exactly the same size, then frame them with white mats in identical frames. At Framebridge, our favorite frames for grids are thin white gallery frames and delicate classic silvers.

  • Pro tip: Hang each frame 2 - 3 inches apart and be sure to keep your spacing consistent!


Clockwise from top left: @lisalaurens, @margoandme, @thejennaogle, @emilyijackson
Group 11 Copy 3.jpg

Check out our line of pre-curated gallery walls. All you need to do is add your photos! Check them all our here. 

Half Wall Grid
Floor to Ceiling Grid

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