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Gray Malin frames holiday photography for Neiman Marcus

"Poolside Holiday" by Gray Malin for Neiman Marcus


It's the most wonderful time of the year, and we've got a photo to prove it. Queue renown photographer Gray Malin. You might know him from his bright beach photos, and quirky conceptual shots, but don't think this California photog would miss a chance to spread a little holiday cheer. Together, we worked with Gray to get his "Poolside Holiday" prints framed and ready for Neiman Marcus to sell exclusively in their stores. To share more about our Christmas collaboration we sat down with Gray to reflect on how it all came together. 

So what exactly did this project between Gray Malin, Framebridge, and Neiman Marcus involve? Last year we created a holiday image specifically for our marketing purposes and website that featured 9 decked-out Christmas trees illuminating and reflecting into a sparkling swimming pool. Neiman Marcus asked us this year to exclusively carry it as a framed photo in their stores and online for this holiday season. In order to get the photograph framed beautifully and seamlessly to Neiman Marcus, we entrusted the help of Framebridge.

The photo is beautiful--where was it taken? And where did the idea come from? The photo was taken at a pool at a private residence in Southern California. The piece was inspired by a shot of a Christmas tree next to a swimming pool in Kelly Klein's book Pools: Reflections.

Can you explain a little bit about the process of working with us? How were we able to simplify framing and fulfillment for you? We knew that Framebridge had a reputation for high quality craftsmanship while maintaining the ability to deliver flawlessly to a nationwide to a large customer like Neiman Marcus, and we're very glad they were our framer of choice for this project.

How many pieces did we frame for you? What was the timetable like? 90 medium white framed "Poolside Holiday" for Neiman Marcus, which were framed and ready to go nationwide in a week.

"Framebridge exceeded my expectations and provided quality framing that I was proud to provide to Neiman Marcus and their clientele."

With such a quick turnaround time, what were you looking for in a framing partner for this project? I appreciate a framing partner that I can depend on. My clients depend on me to deliver their orders in a timely and efficient manner, and in order to do that I have to have a framing partner who is able to do the same. Framebridge exceeded my expectations and provided quality framing that I was proud to provide to Neiman Marcus and their clientele.

What was it like to work with us on this project? It was a snap for us. We had our framed photos delivered on time, without any issues, to display beautifully in the stores for Christmas, and ready to hang on Neiman Marcus customer's homes.

Love it. How have customers reacted to the pieces? The response to "Poolside Holiday" has been fantastic. I've had the opportunity to see it in person at various Neiman Marcus stores on their coveted retail floor.

That's amazing--what do you think of the end result?  Framed to perfection, the photograph will uniquely dazzle the viewer anywhere during the holidays.