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Gift It: Mom

Whether you're a make-a-list-and-check-it twice kinda guy, or a last minute OMG-Christmas-is-in-two-weeks kinda girl, this year we've got you covered. Our team has framed special pieces as gifts since we started Framebridge, so we know firsthand that Framebridge is the easiest way to be thoughtful. And it always fits! Whether it's your brother, your lover, or your best friend, we've got something for everyone on your list.

This year we recruited a few members of our team to share their best gift giving ideas as we gear up for the holidays. Today, we're kicking off week one of our "Gift It" series with Dave, our Customer Experience Manager. He's got lots of great ideas for the lady at the *very* top of the list: Mom.

Print (6" x 7") by Brown Parcel Press in our Lafayette frame $79; Photography by Kate Warren; Styling by Kathryn Zaremba

We're all grown up now, but my brother, sister, and I know that the path to our Mom's heart during the holidays is paved in nostalgia rather than gold. That's why when it comes to finding her the perfect gift, a re-purposed treasure nearly always trumps any best department store find. This year, I'm resurrecting old memories and making them new to highlight the moments that really celebrate my mom and say "thanks" for her role in making our family feel truly special during this time of year. 

Letterpress Print:
 My Mom has a thing for both watercolors and clementines. Both her aunt and her sister were gifted watercolorists, and citrus -- especially in our Italian family -- represents la dolce vita. This gorgeous letterpress print from our friends at Brown Parcel Press speaks to my mom's personal aesthetic as well as our family heritage and is versatile enough in our Lafayette frame to go well in the kitchen or the formal living room. You can buy letterpress prints for as little as $5-$10 at local paper and art stores -- and if you purchase them online, you can create this gift without ever having to leave the couch (#win). 

Wedding photo (8" x 10") in our Newport frame with white mat $79.

Wedding Photo: It was a great year for our family with both my brother and sister getting engaged and married. This year, I'm preserving those memories in wedding-ready Buckhead frames, which I know will be an instant home run with my mom. Better yet, I'm ordering extras for the bride and groom so I can mark two boxes off my holiday checklist.

Recipe card (5" x 3") in our Potomac frame $59.

Recipe Card: A big point of pride in our Italian family is our family pasta sauce recipe. It hasn't changed in at least four generations, and I doubt it will soon. This year, I'm framing the handwritten recipe card from my grandmother's recipe box in a classic, gold frame. It's a nice way to thank my Mom for teaching me to cook and simultaneously giving her a piece of her own mother's memory. And the knowledge that this little piece of family history will be well preserved and protected behind UV-resistant acrylic is an added bonus!

Kids art (8.5" x 11") with white mat in our Marin frame $79.

Kids Art: Forget Renoir. My Mom's go-to gallery choices have always been originals from her own pint-sized Picassos. For the holidays, I'm helping her de-clutter the refrigerator door while dressing up the walls of the kids' bedroom she's been meaning to decorate. I'm using art from the kids in our family, but this project works well for showcasing creative writing as well. It's also a fantastic gifting option for grandparents, aunts, and uncles, or anyone with a creative kid in their lives. 

Old photo (4" x 4") in our Richmond frame $59.

Old Photo: Like a lot of moms who chronicled their families before the digital age, my Mom has tons of shoeboxes filled with snapshots. We always talk about some of those photos but only look at them every few years when we have the time to collectively dig through those imposing piles. This year, I'm helping to upgrade the status of a few of those images by giving them new life, and a little design update with a few of our clean frames. Since my Mom is a such a sentimentalist, I'll probably frame a few non-photographic memories as well including her high school graduation program or the matchbox from the hotel in San Diego where she honeymooned with my dad.

For someone who hates the mall, I'm all about finding and creating the perfect gift from the comfort of my own home. And knowing that I can create something that speaks from the heart without having to do a tremendous amount of legwork (leaving more time to actually enjoy my family during the holidays) -- well that to me is just priceless.