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Gift It: Gifts Guys Love

We know what you're thinking, "guys are impossible to shop for!" Well, this holiday season, we are here to convince you otherwise. And convince you that you can do better than whiskey stones, a six pack of beer, or the dreaded sweater. Get creative and gift your favorite guys one of a kind, custom gifts to fit to their one of a kind interests. Check out a few ideas of how our Head of Product, Julia, is planning to surprise the guys in her life this holiday season! 

Cassette tapes from The Effects float mounted in our Mercer Slim frame, $104

Cassette Tapes or Records: One of my best friends from high school is an incredibly talented musician, and I've been one of his biggest fans since hearing him sing "Fly Me to the Moon" at a recital our freshman year. Fast-forward a dozen years and one of his songs was chosen for a Super Bowl commercial, he's performed with incredible musicians all over the world, and he released his debut album. I'm in such awe of his hard work, hustle, and talent, and I couldn't be prouder of him for making his dreams come true in one of the most competitive industries. I can't think of a better celebration of his success than framing his record for him! 

Seattle map from Digital Alice in our Marin frame, $99

Map: My friend Adam is obsessed with Civil War history. He has an encyclopedic knowledge of generals, battalion, and battles, and I've been on multiple road trips with him where we've planned our route to optimize visits to forts and battlefields - he's a 77-year-old man trapped in a 27-year-old's body. Even though I don't share his same enthusiasm for Civil War history, I do love his passion. This holiday, I'm giving his treasured (and tattered) map of Civil War battlefields a new home and finally framing it for him! Also: if you're coming up against the Holiday deadlines, another great gift idea is to find a printable map on Etsy from his hometown. A fast and beautiful way to be thoughtful, as well.

Concert poster by Sophie McTear in our Mercer Slim frame, $99

Concert Poster: Wolf Trap is one of my absolute favorite concert venues - it's BYO food and drink, a music-loving picnicker's dream! A few years ago, I rallied my friend Alan to join me for a throwback evening of Motown hits to see the Four Tops and Temptations. It was a magical summer evening, blue skies, cooler temps, and soulful songs. Suddenly, a few bars after "Ain't Too Proud to Beg," the heavens opened up to a torrential thunderstorm. I remember feverishly packing up our picnic and splashing through ankle-high puddles as we sprinted back to our car, laughing the entire way. Even though we left early and completely drenched, I still smile every time I think about that night, and I hope framing the concert poster for Alan brings back a flood of happy memories!

"The River Ranger" by Mandy Mohler in our Sonoma frame, $99

Gear Photo: My friend and former roommate Stephen hiked the entire 2,189.2 miles of the Appalachian Trail this year. During the months of preparation leading up to his departure, I loved learning about the extreme lengths a thru-hiker goes to fill his pack (he even cut off the handle of his tooth brush to eliminate unnecessary weight!). Days before embarking on his epic adventure in March, he snapped an awesome aerial photo of all his gear - tent, sleeping quilt, hiking poles, stove, water filtration system, guidebook, Crocs - all neatly organized beside his backpack. Stephen's out of the woods, days away from starting a new job and moving into his new Brooklyn apartment, and I can't think of a better gift than printing and framing his aerial gear photo for him - the perfect reminder of his enormous accomplishment and that no matter how tiny his studio feels, it could be worse!

Washington, DC neighborhoods print from Blue is the Land. in our Mercer Slim frame, $139.

Neighborhood Print: When my friend Dave moved to DC from Manhattan Beach his feelings toward his new city were lukewarm at best. He complained about DC's lack of unlimited Korean BBQ, dearth of surf, and the cold (seriously...he wouldn't shut up about the cold). Despite his initial resistance, thanks to dear friendships, countless adventures, and finally finding some crave-worthy Korean BBQ (yay, Annandale!), DC finally started to feel like home. Five years later, Dave just moved back to LA, and I'm so excited to gift him this framed DC neighborhood print to hang in his new digs as a friendly reminder of the home and city he grew to love and his Washingtonian friends who miss him dearly.

From history buffs and adventurers, to musicians and music-lovers, Framebridge makes it easy to pander to your pals' passions this holiday season. I'm looking forward to spoiling all my best guy friends with thoughtful custom gifts fit for their unique personalities!