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Gift It: Dad

Last week we passed the mic over to Dave, our Customer Experience manager, to help us check Mom off the gift list. Today, we've got Matt, our VP of Marketing, to tackle gifting for the guy at the top of your list: Dad. Take it away, Matt!

Being a dad of young kids can be weird. I have two boys, ages 2 & 4, and I'm often hit with this deja vu feeling that only yesterday I was younger and on my own and able to pursue so many hobbies and activities. I spend most of my time now raising my family and providing experiences for my boys. This is extremely rewarding, but I can still glimpse a line outside a rock club and be transported to a more carefree era in my life. A big part of learning how to be a happy, effective dad is identifying and pursuing those passions that make you you, while also doing everything it takes to make your kids happy and secure. It's super helpful and inspiring to be surrounded by people and items that help you balance those two worlds so that you can be the best dad possible.

So, what's on my wish list this year?

Fly fishing lures purchased on Amazon; Mounted on our gray mat, in our Sonoma frame, $79; Photography by Kate Warren; Styling by Kathryn Zaremba.

Fly Fishing Lures: These bright fly fishing lures are great for when your hobby is rustic enough that your manly credentials will never be questioned, but your wife is trying to get your house listed on Southern Living.

Concert Poster from Sophie McTear in our Mercer Slim frame, $99

Concert Poster: In 2010, my last complete childless year, I saw over 40 shows. Last year I saw 2. But trust me, being a dad really is the best.

Golf score card in our Providence frame, $79

Unsplash photo in our Sonoma frame, $99

Golf Score Card: Golf is a racket. It's outdoors and the ultimate in male bonding, but I play so infrequently that I never improve. After a disastrous last round, I told myself I was done with golf. But with this framed scorecard to remind me of a particularly fun round with my buddies, my willpower doesn't stand a chance.

Landscape Photo: A landscape photo is the perfect item for when you get asked to write a blog post for your company and you need to stare deep into something to come up with tepidly funny ideas. If the dad in your life is into writing or other artistic pursuits, landscapes are the perfect work space companion.

Rubber wrench float mounted in our Irvine Slim frame, $104; Photography by Kate Warren; Styling by Kathryn Zaremba.

Wrench: Turns out the vibe in dad's workshop no longer has to oscillate between "depression era" and "Dr. Frankenstein's lab". You can brighten it up with some lively colors, like this green wrench in our Irvine Slim frame. Bonus points if you frame a tool with sentimental value: "Son, my father got this hammer from his father, who got it from his father, who got it from Ulysses S. Grant, who was a very handsome man."

If you're looking to give Dad a perfect, heartfelt gift this holiday season, I recommend framing items that fall into one of these categories: a passion from his past (and hopefully present), a reminder of why he's doing a great job (we need the reinforcement!) or a wildcard item to brighten and inspire.

If you can't find any of those, just offer to babysit.