Framing a Special Necklace for Mom

“My mom is such an amazing person. She is really kind and she works really hard. I thought it would be nice to give her a little gift.” — Lane Elizabeth

Last Mother's Day, 12-year-old Lane Elizabeth wanted to show her mom Laura the love she deserves. A natural crafter, she got creative after some inspiration from Pinterest. Using multi-color buttons from her Grandma, Lane Elizabeth arranged them into a heart and hot glued them to a foam board. Then, in the middle of the heart, she wrote a message that summed up her feelings for her mom: “You are the button holding my heart together.” 

framed button necklace

Mother’s Day is a big deal for these two, a keynote gifting event. Nevertheless, Lane Elizabeth thinks that “everyday is a good day to celebrate moms.” 

“Amen!” Laura concurs.

woman smiling in front of gallery wall

This gift particularly tugged at Laura's heartstrings.“I cried over this one,” she said. “It’s a beautiful manifestation of my kind little girl, who is so creative and so sweet and so thoughtful. It really touched my heart.” 

There were many hugs.

mom and daughter hugging

Laura and Lane Elizabeth fill their home with things dedicated to those they love. In this case, each other. The framed button necklace hangs behind Laura's desk, where she sees it everyday and is reminded of the special relationship they share.

As for Lane Elizabeth's next project, the creativity doesn’t stop for Mother’s Day. Lane’s Dad is a big golfer—golf tees would make a pretty cute heart (and Father's Day is just around the corner).

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