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For the Love of the Gallery Wall

Gallery walls are beautiful--we all know it! They're vibrant, energetic, eclectic, and they can perfectly fill any big, open wall, or small, awkward nook. But they can be much more. When planned well and designed thoughtfully, a gallery wall is an opportunity to share your personal story in an artistic and original way. That's why today we launched the Framebridge Gallery Wall, a one-stop consultation and concierge service, to bring your vision - and your story - to life.

We know the unique and complete story of you can't be told through just a collection of trendy art prints or photos from your iPhone--your story is so much richer. It's your first gymnastics ribbon and a throwback pic of you and your high school besties. It's that Eurail pass from studying abroad and an Egyptian etching you bought on your first trip with your now husband. It's that silly wedding dance floor photo with your Mom and your daughter's first footprints. It's that random giraffe print you love and the cocktail napkin from your restaurant's launch party -- it's all of the things that make up your story.

And we want to work with you to showcase it all.  

Let's work together to build a space that highlights these moments and tells your story in a truly custom way. Our expert designers will help you curate your collection of memories and fill in gaps where you see them. They'll lay everything out using frame options that fit your personal style (classic? boho? minimalist?) and your personal space (above your bed? up the stairs? the full entryway?). You'll refine the plan together until you love it, then we'll frame everything using the top-of-the-line materials and hands-on craftsmanship we're known for. We'll ship the framed pieces to your door with everything you'll need to hang your gallery wall, including a measurement plan, then you'll bring it to life! You can do this, and we'll help you.

So that's it--the best things about you + the best things about Framebridge = the gallery wall of your dreams. Let's get started.