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A perfect moment from Cleveland's championship parade


"Witnesses" by Emily Roggenburk in our Tacoma frame with a white mat || Photos via Emily Roggenburk

That day in Cleveland was something so long awaited that I knew photos from the ground just wouldn't do it justice.

When the day came I didn't really have a plan. I woke up that morning thinking how cool it would be to capture everything from above. I called pretty much every helicopter company in Cleveland that I could find on Google. The parade was at 11 AM.

It was probably 9:30 AM when I was finally able to charter a helicopter from Detroit. It wasn't planned, but everything fell into place all at once.

The whole reason we had a parade and the whole reason we got the championship is because LeBron came home. There's a big poster of LeBron on one of the buildings that everyone knows. It's a thing in Cleveland. Everyone takes their picture in front of it.

This photo shows one of the most important buildings in Cleveland, the terminal tower, along with the poster of LeBron, and this huge line of people that look like they're going towards this poster. Before LeBron left Cleveland the poster used to say, 'You are all witnesses.' I just thought it was so perfect that all of these people were witnesses to this historic moment.

For one day everyone came together for this one cause that no one could really argue with. No matter what background you're from or where you come from in Cleveland everyone got along that day and was able to unite for something bigger.

It's a day that people will never forget."

- Emily Roggenburk, photographer and Cleveland sports fan