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Father's Day

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    Gift of a Lifetime

    After her husband’s father passed away, Sara decided to commemorate his memory in a way that that her husband Jon could see every day, a gift that would recall another gift from years before. When Jon was 18, his father gave him his first car. "He was very moved by ...

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    He's Chilling

    “My dad... he's just cooler than the other side of the pillow. He's always in a good mood... He's chilling.” - Aaron Colvin, Jacksonville Jaguar, on his dope and always-supportive dad One look at the 90s throwback pics Aaron Colvin framed for his dad and you’ll understand where he gets ...

  • Kazshtzqsauazwv3wwfh 061217 fa nfl fathersday djswearinger 008

    Beast in Training

    “When he's 18, hopefully I'll have prepared him for the best ...I know he'll be ready for the world.” - DJ Swearinger, Washington Redskins, *brand new* dad Day Swearinger, age 14 (days), is the son of a pro football player and the grandson of two basketball players, so it’s safe ...

  • Rimig5nospqzuyzwbin6 061217 fa nfl fathersday djsmoot 009

    Festival Fish Fry

    “My dad's like a nonstop hustler. He does anything and everything he has to get it done.” - DJ Smoot, Jacksonville Jaguar, on his relentless (in a good way) dad If you enjoyed a delicious fried fish sandwich from a food truck at one of the many Ohio summer music ...

  • Da2lmbsetqca5o5eyikt 061317 fa nfl fathersday trentmurphy 001

    Grinding in the Weight Room

    You might imagine that a guy once described by Sports Illustrated as playing with a“deadly serious scowl wedged between his bald head and lightly grown beard” is one in a long line of deadly serious, scowling men. And you’d be right.