Get Up, Stand Up

framed art print of Bob Marley
Art by Shepard Fairey in Augusta frame

Musician, activist, and role model, Bob Marley is unforgettable. Adam wanted to be sure his son, Sheldon, knew just how important Marley was and start a tradition of giving him art for every birthday. He used the new story pocket personalization option to convey the perfect message to accompany the artwork for years to come.



This artwork is your first birthday present. The art was created by Shepard Fairey from a photograph by Dennis Morris. Your middle name, Marley, is for Bob Marley (don’t tell your mom). Not only one of the greatest musicians ever, he was a human rights and political activist who used his voice to change the world. Within your first year of life, you’ve already participated in political protests, standing up for racial and gender equality. I hope that you continue to use your voice in whatever way you decide to make the world a little better.

One Love, Dad

-Adam P.