Adventures in Gallery Walls


“Kyle and I are thrill seekers,” says Kelli. They quickly fell in love over their shared enthusiasm for adventure and the outdoors. “We are always looking for new things to try together.”

From the top of a mountain skiing in Colorado, to jumping off the most southern point in the United States in Hawaii (40 feet high!) to surfing in California, the soon-to-be married couple have made some incredible memories. 

A couple in ATV outdoors
ATVing in Maui
A couple jumping off cliff into water
Jumping from a cliff in Hawaii

They collected their favorite photos and decided to put them together in The Organic Gallery Wall, something which has brought them a lot of joy during this time they are unable to travel. “It reminds us of the memories we share and that there are more to come.”

gallery wall with photos
Kelli and Kyle's Organic Gallery Wall